NATIONAL PASTRY DAY… but only because “National Get Fat Day” wasn’t a hit with the marketers

It almost pains me to contribute to the hype, but today is National Pastry Day.  That’s right – on December 9th, the nation stops to recognize the numerous benefits associated with croissants, strudel, baklava and irregularly-shaped puffy things filled with some type of sugary disaster.

America apparently wasn’t able to satisfy its sweet tooth when the ghouls and ghosts looted candy bars and chocolate kisses.  Surely we didn’t eat nearly enough during the Thanksgiving Holiday.  It’s probably unfair to assume that folks can wait to dine on cookies and gingerbread houses until the jolly ‘ol fat man pays his annual visit.   We simply need yet another means of justifying our consumption of unhealthy food, and the Food Network’s “Twelve Days of Cookies” extravaganza just isn’t enough.

There’s only one logical solution: create a new holiday that is dedicated to food that has virtually no nutritional value.  Heck, why not – it’s not like one-third of American adults are clinically obese.

Frankly, I’ve never heard of National Pastry Day.  I came across the topic only when Sports Illustrated become involved in the conversation.  You’d think that an outlet like Sports Illustrated would favor reporting that embraces health and fitness, considering that the bulk of its revenue is generated through the coverage of athletic competitions and sporting events.  You’d also be wrong.  Sports Illustrated  decided to carry a series of photographs dedicated to “great cakes in sports.

Next up: National Cheesecake Factory Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken Day.  Remember, 2,300 calories simply means 2,300 reasons to celebrate.

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