BRIAN STOW INTERVIEW: when lives radically change in the briefest of moments

Alright, folks.  This post isn’t going to contain any sarcasm, wit or any attempts at humor.  This one’s as serious as a heart attack… or, more appropriately, as serious as a brutal beating that nearly killed the victim.

You may recall the Brian Stow, the victim of a brutal attack on the 2011 Opening Day of Major League Baseball.  He and others went to the ballpark to watch the San Francisco Giants take on the Los Angeles Dodgers.  He left in critical condition, ultimately spent months in a medically induced coma and will never fully recover from the injuries.  That description, unfortunately, doesn’t come close to truly portraying the hellish situation.

Later tonight, NBC will air the first in-depth interview of Mr. Stow on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams.  The network recently released a video that featured part of this report, and it can be accessed here.  It also released an excerpt of the interview, which can be viewed here.  A word of warning: both videos are very difficult to watch.  And that’s putting it mildly.

Finally, I know a number of folks have somewhat vocal opinions about various aspects of the incident.  That’s fine.  This isn’t about those opinions or any controversial issue.  This is only about supporting one man’s journey from the clutches of death and appreciating the grim reality that our lives can radically change in the briefest of moments.  That’s all, but that should be more than sufficient for anyone.

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