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Thin Mints, Caramel deLites, Peanut Butter Patties and… the Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bar?

They came, they saw, they conquered.  And now they’re gone.

We’re all too aware that Girl Scouts only sell their cookies during select times each the year. Still, the seasonal nature of the product isn’t necessarily a bad quality: the troops haven’t yet embraced my proposal to sell salads and yogurt, so snacking on their desserts may take a bit of a toll on the ‘ol waistline.  Their Peanut Butter Patties run about 5.2 calories per gram and the aptly-named Thin Mints cost around 5 calories per gram.  By way of comparison, a 3 Musketeers Bar weighs in at around 4.3 calories per gram, a Snicker’s Bar contains just under 4.8 calories per gram and a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar consists of about 4.9 calories per gram.

In other words, anyone strictly counting calories may want to at least consider deleting the Official Girl Scout Cookie Finder App and instead heading straight to the candy aisle.  The Girl Scouts may have been selling cookies for around a hundred years, but I’m pretty sure that they’ve never sold Almond Joy, Milky Way or Kit Kat candy bars.

My, how things change.

Later this year, the troops will be promoting the Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bar, which appears to be the offspring of a chance encounter between a Nestle Crunch candy bar and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.  These creations are now being described as “dark chocolate cookie wafers and mint chocolate creme, topped with airy crispies.”  Josh Ackley, a media relations contact and spokesperson for the organization, could barely contain his excitement:

We are thrilled with the positive response to the Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bar.  The product photo is a retail sales sample and not available for sale at this time. Look forward to some very exciting news in June.

I’m guessing that Girl Scout Cookies are one of the few sugary snacks that may actually recognize a reduction in calories when mixed with a candy bar.  And that’s probably part of the plan, because the organization’s leadership is committed to fighting childhood obesity and actively promoting healthy eating habits:

Starting with our youngest members, the Girl Scout organization promotes a healthy lifestyle for its girl members, which includes a well-balanced diet and plenty of exercise. Our health and fitness programs encourage girls to adopt healthy fitness and eating habits early in life and continue them into adulthood. Girls are also taught to consider ingredient contribution to their overall diet and portion size when choosing snacks.

Tune in next time, after the Girl Scouts announce Frosted Peanut Butter Patty Cupcakes, Glazed Caramel deLite Donuts – with and without sprinkles – and Hot Fudge Savannah Smiles Sundaes.


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