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A Chicken McNugget Worth Its Weight In Gold: The $8100 Happy Meal

I spent some time discussing the virtues – or lack thereof – of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and Chicken McBites.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of the breaded meat-and-something product, but maybe I should reconsider.

Apparently, there’s a way to profit from the meal. Rebekah Speight recently taught the world that a three year old Chicken McNugget resembling George Washington can fetch over $8000 on E*bay.  Judge for yourself.

Read more at LINK NO1 and LINK No.2.


SPINE-TINGLING THEFT: doctor, please step away from the corpse and drop grandpa’s innards!

Great.  Another medical professional is being accused of creepy, freakish and illegal conduct.

The Sheriff’s Department in Oneida County, Wisconsin, has accused the county’s chief medical examiner of stealing the spine of a dead person.

Traci England has served as Oneida County Medical Examiner since September 2008.  The 44-year-old recently became the subject of an investigation by the Forest and Oneida County Sheriff’s Offices that revealed that she may have illegally confiscated part of a corpse after performing an autopsy.  These offices now claim she engaged in theft and misconduct by a public official.

Ms. England has since been arrested and appeared in court at a preliminary hearing.  Reserve Judge Conrad Richards found probable cause to believe that she had committed the crimes and released her from county jail on a $5000 signature bond.  She is scheduled to be formally charged by or before January 30, 2012.

Ms. England reportedly attempted to explain her conduct to law enforcement officials.  Oneida County District Attorney Mike Bloom has described her rationale as follows:

The allegation is that Ms. England, while acting as Oneida County Medical Examiner, following an autopsy [conducted earlier this week] retained possession of a body part for purposes of training a dog that she owns…

Hold on.  She allegedly stole the spine of a dead person so that she could use it to train her dog?

Look, I’m sure that many of the folks reading this entry have welcomed dogs into their families.  I’ve done the same, and my dogs are spoiled rotten.  They’re lazy, though – they don’t have jobs, they don’t clean the house while I’m at work and I can’t seem to teach them how to cook dinner.  Heck, I’m not even sure that they realize that they’re dogs – I’d bet a wooden nickel that they think that they’re really little people who have found a way to domesticate and train a two-legged servant.

I can’t imagine that my little critters could ever develop a taste for human remains.  Instead, they’d probably be shocked and insulted if I tried to feed them part of a corpse.  I’m guessing that they’d also leave a little present in some remote corner of my house, too, just to emphasize the inappropriateness of my conduct.

Anyway, I guess Ms. England offered at least had some sort of explanation for her alleged conduct.  She wasn’t attempting to potty train her pup, or somehow teach it to retrieve a cold bottle of beer from the refrigerator.  Instead, she allegedly stole the spine to help train her dog to be a cadaver dog that could be used by law enforcement to locate human remains.

In other words, she may have engaged in criminal activity to help law enforcement officials investigate potential criminal acts.  On, the irony…

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